"The Awesomeness of Destruction": Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's Cabinet

Crisis Director: Joshua Kelm

Chair: Sam Norrell

Vice Chair: Quin Buckley

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Crisis Committee

Nearly 11 years after the end of the Second Liberian Civil War, a new threat is emerging. This time, it is the war between a virus and its host. One of the deadliest viral hemorrhagic fevers has made its way into Liberia. Never before has there been an Ebola outbreak of this size. Leaders in the medical community believe that handled inadequately, this Ebola outbreak will kill tens of thousands of West Africans, and potentially infect those in other areas of the world. President Ellen Sirleaf has directed her cabinet to halt the spread of the virus, at any cost. In 2006 President Sirleaf took a country in disarray and formed it into what it is today; however, this virus has the potential to regress Liberia back to the treacherous early 2000s. Time and resources are limited. Immediate action is needed. One wrong move has the potential to become extremely destructive.

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