A New Peace: The Congress of Vienna

Crisis Director: Gage Evans

Chair: Sam Norrell

Vice Chair: Quin Buckley

Crisis Committee

Today is November 1, 1814. For weeks, representatives of the various states of Europe have been gathering in Vienna, and now await the beginnings of negotiations. Today is the start of the Congress of Vienna, an international conference of a nearly unprecedented size, that will put a definite end to the wars that have ravaged Europe for nearly a quarter of a century. But a mere peace treaty is not all that is at stake. The people of Europe have suffered immensely during the seemingly endless warfare. They need peace and will soon begin to demand it. The eighteenth century was defined by major wars occurring nearly every decade, as states sought to protect their respective interests or keep the balance of power. It is now more apparent than ever that this perennial conflict is counter-productive for the health of a modern state. Delegates, while the path you choose is ultimately your choice to make, and as representatives of some of the most powerful countries in Europe you have significant resources at your disposal, it is in your best interest to pursue a peaceful resolution to whatever conflicts may arise during the course of committee, whether they are between erstwhile allies or ancient enemies.

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