Clash of Civilizations: The Greco-Persian Wars,

Achaemenid Empire 481 BCE

Crisis Director: Andrew Greco

Chair: Kaleb Mount

Vice Chair: Kyle Tucker

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Advanced Joint Crisis Committee

It is 481 BCE, nine years ago the Achaemenid Empire suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the independent Greek Poleis at the Battle of Marathon. Now the Achaemenid Empire is looking for revenge under Xerxes I, King of Kings, who is mustering the largest army in history. The Achaemenid satrapies and subjugated Greek Poleis must join forces in order to march West and put down the Greeks once and for all. Despite having a numerical and logistical advantage compared to the independent Greek Poleis, the Achaemenid Empire still faces issues of potential infighting between satrapies and ensuring that such a large and diverse empire can be consolidated under one Great King. These challenges must be addressed in order to ensure that victory over the Greeks will be swift and absolute. The current state of affairs with the independent Greek Poleis is an uneasy peace and no one expects this to last. Within a couple of years, the armies of Persia will most likely be marching to war seeking to bring Greece to its knees. The decision of fighting for self-interest or loyally for Xerxes the Great and the Achaemenid Empire rests with every leader present. It is one that must be weighed carefully in order to minimize the risk of destruction and maximize the chance of riches and fame. Treachery, heroics, and politicking will all surely be rampant.

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